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144th FIW and 194th FIS History

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P-51 Mustang at Hayward, CA F-86A/L Sabre Maj Gen Mike Adams
P-51 Mustang at Hayward, CA F-86 Sabre Mike Adams

Assorted Squadron Pictures Fresno Jets at "The Boneyard" - Davis-Monthan AFB Major Robert Yelton
Assorted Squadron Pictures Davis-Monthan Maj Robert Yelton

Col John Dawson Bob Hall LtCol Vic Sikora
Col John Dawson Bob Hall LtCol Vic sikora

LtCol Jon "JT" Tagget Cornfield Bomber The Investigation
Jon Cornfield Bomber The Investigation

Col Al Heers Col Gary Taylor
Al Heers Gary Taylor

Fighter Pilots Accused of Earnijng Dual Compensation, Getting "3 fot 1 Pay," and Violating Crew Rest by Kristof K. Sills, Lt Col, USAF (ANG)
Between 2010 and 2017 the Air Force conducted an investigation into the Fresno ANG. They alleged that alert pilots had been abusing alert pay and crew rest regulations. This investigation resulted in loss of jobs and severe financial stress on these pilots and their families. Here is a paper written by Kristof K. Sills, Lt Col, USAF (ANG). This paper was written as a reseach paper at Air Command and Staff College. His paper provides a huge servive to the affected pilots and deserves thanks from all of the pilots that have pulled alert or will do so in the service of their country!
Technician and Alert Pay / Crew Rest Reg Revision 2-11-21
The U.S. Air Force finally got their collective heads out of their asses and revised the appropriate Regs that cover Technician Pay/Crew Rest regs for pulling alert. This entire cluster f*** probably brought about by HQ desk jockeys that have no concept of what happens in the real world. Let's ask the WW II men who flew off the carriers, or flew 10-12 hr bomber missions or even the men that fought on the front lines and had no sleep at all for days on end. What they would have thought if their commander said they couldn't fly because of crew rest requirements while the enemy pressed on. Nuff Said.....

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