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Col Al Heers

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These were all sent in by "Howdy"
Check out the Fini-Flight page for Al's fini-flight pictures.

A Fresno F-4 with refueling receptacle open. A Motely Crew off to Survival Training in 2002. Helo Approach.
Al Heers Al Heers Al Heers

Final Approach. Helo LZ. Steve Ishmael 1984. Whenever Steve came into town on Friday afternoon for drill Weekend you could hear the unique sound of his NASA F-104 in the overhead pattern. That was the sign to head for the club for Friday afternoon beer!
Al Heers Al Heers Al Heers

Steve in front of his SR-71. Steve flew just about every aircraft in the NASA inventory. The William Tell 1980 Overall Champions.
Bob Boehringer, Jim Kilpatrick, Steve Ishmael, Jan Pedersen, Al Heers, Bill Lucido, Dave Cobb, Paul Carroll.
The 1980 William Tell Champions
Click on the patch.
Al Heers Al Heers Al Heers

Al took off one day in 1990 in one of our F-16 ADFs to do an FCF flight after some maint. He had an exciting time when, after switching to BUC (back-up fuel control), the engine flamed out and the EPU did not start. He set up for a flame-out pattern with windmill RPM power only and lived to tell the tale.
Al wrote a very cool poem in 1999 to commemorate the event entitled
I Hate It When That Happens
Here it is...
This is one of Aileron's ADF F-16 cockpit photos taken in Panama.
Here are some links to a William Tell 1980 website. Al was one of the WT80 team members.
The 194th FIS from Fresno was the 1980 overall winner.
A lot of the pictures were taken by Jim McNab and other members of the Fresno team.
Al Heers