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Assorted Squadron Pictures

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Jim McNab sent this one.
Jamie Mackay, Danny Cerna, Amos Bagdasarian and Jan Pedersen circa 1978.
Here's a blast from the past - circa 1977. Thanks again to B.O.B. for this picture.
Back row: 1Lt Dan Clack (Died in F-106 accident flying 58-0777), LtCol Dick Johnson, Maj Joe Conway, 1Lt Jim McNab, LtCol Bob 'Bo' Beohringer, Capt JAD Dennis, Maj Bernie Hollenbeck, Capt Jan Pedersen, LtCol Bill Neville, Maj Al Tichenor, 1Lt Amos Bagdasarian,, Capt Pat Belanger, Capt Steve Ishmael.
Front row: Maj John Peterson, Maj Mike McCoy, Maj Bob Yelton, 1Lt John Marckesano, 1Lt Danny Cerna, Capt Dennis Mast, Maj Dave Cobb.
Mike McCoy. Mike took on the powers that be in a titanic struggle revolving around Weekenders and Air Techs along with some other major issues. He eventually retired and took up the struggle as a civilian. He was ultimately able to get some hearings at the state level. As a result of "The Investigation," Bernie Hollenbeck was exiled to Norton AFB and took a flight safety job. Nelson Sebra was moved to March AFB and Wing Commander BGen Ed Aguiar was retired. Both Mike McCoy and Ed Aguiar passed away not long ago. We all owe Mike him a great big "Thank you!" Mike was co-owner of Mazzei's Flying Service back in the 70s with Terry Kane. Mike gave me an excellent rate when I first started taking flying lessons there in 1974. $15 for the C-150 - wet, and $15 for the instructor. Wow! What's gas now?
Squadron Pictures Squadron Pictures Squadron Pictures

Back Row: Bob Yoshizumi, Paul Carroll, Walt Blore, Bob Boehringer, Ray Clack, Mike Budd, Ken Harbinson, JAD Dennis, Jan Pedesen, Jim McNab, Amos Bagdasarian, Al Tichenor, John Peterson.
Middle Row" Joe Corey, Bill Neville, Joe Conway, George Sparks, Bill Lucido, Roy Parimore (AF Advisor), Mike McCoy, Bernie Hollenbeck, John Markesano, Pat Markesano, John Kaser.
Front Row: Pat Belanger, Al Heers, John Dawson, Don Hyberg, Danny Cerna, Nelson Sebra, Danny Clack, Steve Ishmael, Dennis Mast.
Photo from Danny Cerna.
Danny Cerna, Nelson Sebra, Walt Blore, JAD Dennis, Pat Belanger, Don Hyberg.
Photo from Danny Cerna.
Joe Conway and Danny Cerna.
I really like this one. There's some great action in the foreground to attract the eye while in the background the real story lies. Looks like Baggy hanging on to the ladder for dear life :)
Photo from Danny Cerna.
Squadron Pictures Squadron Pictures Squadron Pictures

The Fresno contingent pretty much took over the officer quarters at Tyndall during William Tell '82. There's Willie Benton probably up to something. Be sure to ask Willie, Jim McNab or Lynne Budd about President Reagan coming to Tynadall to visit his felllow Californians, the 194th FIS . You can read what I remember of the story on the Willy Benton page of Miscellaneous Pictures. William Tell William Tell
William Tell William Tell

In the December 1977 edition of Interceptor Magazine Major Dave Cobb was cited for saving his F-106 (and himself). In 1983 Dave Cobb and I were interviewed by the CSUF magazine Insight. They were looking to interview an alumnus - and they found - me. Doug "Cuda" Munday - F-106.
Dave Cobb Safety Award Ron Yelton Insight Interview Doug Munday

When we deployed to Goose Bay, Labrador with our F-4s we planned on having some parties. We bought about 10 cases of tequila and margarita mix to take with us. Jack Bolt got some decals made up (see below), we floated the labels off the tequila bottles and attached our own. My wife Carol, got a bunch of beach posters from her travel agency job to set the mood. This is a great sticker from almost 30(!) yrs ago. Wow!!! (Next Panel) We had teams from England and Germany as well as folks from the U.S. They all asked about our tequila as the Recce boys from Birmingham had brought their own moonshine. Lightning explained that our Officer's Wives Club cooked up their tequila at home in bathtubs and sold the rotgut to finance our squadron parties. Everyone bought it hook, line and sinker :) Those were some awsome parties! Do you think this stuff gets better with age? CAPing over San Francisco International Airport, Post 9/11. (December 2001) Not sure who the pilot is; probably JT or Mulch
Photo and caption: Vic Sikora
Squadron Patches Squadron Patches Vic Sikora

A 4-ship of 194th FIS F-106s. Photo from Jim McNab. Great shot of a B-52 and Fresno F-106s. Do you remember giving the gunner a workout? Just weaving and doing rolls a couple of thousand feet behind? It was seriously un-nerving to watch those four big barrels tracking you no matter what you did. Oh yeah, those guys could put out some serious power with their "Gate Stealer" and the ability to drive your azimuth lock right off the scope. They must have carried a couple of tons of Chaff as well. Tail #s 038, 784 and 774. Formation with #80-774 in the lead. Not sure which unit it was with at the time.
F-106-053 Assorted-006 Assorted-007

Jim found this picture of a very young Bill Neville. That hair-do definitely looks fifties or sixties-ish :) Jim found this picture. I think it was #011 - it just got back from Otis AFB for an inspection. Seems that the Otis guys had a pretty good sense of humor about the California Brown Bear :) #580-774 from September 1979
Bill Neville #011 From Otis #580-774 from September 1979

Fresno ANG F-102