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The Boneyard

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In 1989 we transitoned from the F-4D to the ADF F-16A/B. I went to F-16 school at Tucson ANG where we managed to set up a personalized tour of the Boneyard. We wandered all over the property, which was huge. Some B-52s have been there so long that their wingtips are touching the ground. On our tour we made a point of checking for all of our old F-106s and F-4s. Here's #782 There's Sean Bautista checking out one of our B-models, #75-532. I got to take a lot of base folks for a ride in this jet just before we went to the F-4. Over on the left is #80-775.
The Boneyard The Boneyard The Boneyard

#80-775 again. #90-132. #80-791.
The Boneyard The Boneyard The Boneyard

#80-774. I got to take this one on a cross-country to Del Rio with B.O.B. and Willy Benton. Sad to see it all wrapped up and out to pasture. This jet eventually became a drone - and survived - Yay! F-4D #67-668. Looks like it's getting dismantled. Here's another one - #50-740. I forgot about the formation light strips - there they are. The ADF receiver was on the nose-gear door, so it couldn't be used when the gear was down.
The Boneyard The Boneyard The Boneyard

#50-747. #68-817 and #50-583. #50-584.
The Boneyard The Boneyard The Boneyard

#698-728. #60-276. #40-699.
The Boneyard The Boneyard The Boneyard

#741 and #698 #011 as a drone. #523. One of our B-models.
The Boneyard F-106-052 F-106-049

#535. The other of our two B-models. #774. I got to take this jet on a great cross country trip with Jim McNab and Willie Benton to visit Jack Bolt and Mark Taylor at pilot training. It is now a static display at the Hill Aerospace Museum. Photo from Jim McNab. Check out the pictures on the "F-106" page and this link to #774's restoration page at Hill Aerospace Museum.
58-0774 Restoration
#80-774 with a red Q-tail (drone).
F-106-050 F-106-051 The Boneyard

#774 as a drone at DM. Another shot of #774.
#774 #774