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Miscellaneous Pictures

Comox F-15 Willie Benton
Comox F-15 Willie Benton

Christmas Party 2014 Squadron Patches F-106 water survival training at, I think, Jack Bolt's place out in Clovis.
Christmas Party 2014 Squadron Patches Homestead AFB

Danny "Two Dogs" Cerna. From Jim McNab. OMG! Tom "Pee Wee" Westbrook all young and skinny! Photo from Jim McNab. Randy "Bush Hog" Bushore. Must be at a Christmas Party - at least I hope so! Photo from Jim McNab.
Danny Cerna Tom Westbrook Randy Bushore

Another couple of young studs - Jack Bolt and Amos Bagdasarian. Photo from Jim McNab. A couple official photos. They were taken by Dan Weymouth, a friend of mine that worked in the Audio-Visual shop. Just got promoted. Yay! When I was a new guy in the squadron I got Squadron Officer School out of the way. Once that was done I tried to sign up for Air Command and Staff, but they changed the rules and I couldn't do it until I made Captain. Once I made Captain I tried to get it again. They changed the rules again - I had to make major first. I finally made Major and got all my study materials and I realized that I had done all this stuff in college. By then I had had enough and I started thinking about retiring.
Jack Bolt, Amos Bagdasarian Jack Bolt, Amos Bagdasarian Jack Bolt, Amos Bagdasarian

How many of you guys remember this airline captain evaluation form that was floating around in the 80s?
Can't believe I still had this at the bottom of my photo box.
Take a look at these song lyrics from Christmas Parties past. Most are from the days of the F4s and a couple from early F-16 times. We really had a blast planning the entertainment every year. Most years were very elaborate affairs that took a lot of planning. We would usually start thinking about all of the embarassing things that our squadronmates had done over the last year at least a couple of months prior. The planning committee was usually comprised of Mark Taylor, Jack Bolt, Jim McNab, Stilly Sprague, Ron Yelton, JT Tagget and Tom Westbrook. I won't go into the who or what of the songs - but if you were there you'll recognize a lot of these. When we sang them there was some serious belly-laughing going on! Christmas Party - January 2018
The Rappin' Raisins rise again!
(Left to right) Joe "Spam" Leadingham, Paul "Gruve" Gruver, Pat "Stinky" Belanger, JT "JT" Taggett
To watch the entire video click on the picture below
Click here for a larger version of the Rappin' Raisins "Heritage" Rappers - January 2018
OER Form Assorted Songs From the 1980s Christmas Parties
Scotty Got Run Over By a Hummvee by JT Taggett
The Rappin' Raisins Lyrics 1987 - 2004 by JT Taggett
The Rappin" Raisins "Heritage" Rap - January 2018 by JT Taggett
Rappin' Raisins 2018

Mark Knowles was another of the old ODC gang. He also wanted to go to pilot training and went to two or three selection boards without getting selected. We were roommates for about a year before he transfered over to Reno when they were still flying the RF-4s. After heading over to Reno ANG, Mark got hired at Continental, but while in Ground School as a probationary new hire, their pilots went on strike. Mark took the excellent position of NOT crossing the picket line (good man) and was let go. From there he found himself in Alaska flying for an Alaskan owned airline for ten years. After that he had an opportunity to go to Africa and do a lot of flying for the U.N. He moved to Kenya and flew during the Somali crisis, Sudan during the civil war, Rwanda during the Hutu/Tutsi war and in Uganda, He also lived at a UN camp in Northern Kenya in a Tukul, a thatched roof hut.
Here he is in the 777 left seat going from Hong Bahrain to Hong Kong. He even remebered Carol's callsign. Cool!
Mark has been working for Southern since 2004 and does contract flying to the middle-east as a captain on the B-777. Excellent!!! Mark certainly landed on his feet after Continental and has had some incredible experiences in his life. He's married to Paula, with a couple of kids.
Mark standing in the engine intake of a B-777. The entire fuselage of the S-80 that I used to fly could just about fit in there. Makes us Mad Dog drivers feel kinda small :)
Mark tracked me down after about 35 years by doing a Google search on me. I'm really glad he did and we got to reconnect. Thanks old friend!
Mark Knowles Mark Knowles Mark Knowles

Christmas Party 2015 "Duck!" Flying marshmallows at the January 2004 Squadron Christmas Party. The Zen Master. Mike "Jr." Pofahl in a skit during an annual Squadron Christmas Party
Christmas Party 2015 Christmas Party 2004 Mike Pofahl

A Great shot of a four-ship of F-16Cs over the Sierras.
Thanks to Amos "Baggy" Bagdasarian.
B.O.B sent this one out a few weeks before the 71st anniversary of D-day (June 6, 1944). It came with the caption:
"Remembering Those Who Came Before"
This is a beautiful tribute to those of the Greatest Generation, as well as for our own comrades that have Gone West.
Thanks, Jim!
Definitions of Military Rank.
F-16Cs Over The Sierras Remember Pilot Definitions

Bob Hervatine Memorial 194th FIS Reunion - February 2020
In February of 2020 we held out first annual 194th FIS Reunion on Coronado Island in San Diego. We stayed in the Navy Lodge where they took great care of us. I think everyone agreed that the reunion was a huge success and we're all looking forward to the next one (Corona Virus permitting).

Bob Hervatine Reunion 2020