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Col Gary Taylor

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Mark Taylor Al Heers (Howdy) wrote a very nice tribute to Gary for his retirement ceremony.
Howdy's Speech At Mongo's Retirement Ceremony
Gary was kind enough to send the video that Catherine put together for the occasion.
Mongo's Retirement Video

The sound track for the video is really cool, but unfortunately, the songs are copyrighted material. In order to get it up on YouTube I had to remove the music. I think it's still a cool video, though. Some great stuff in there :)

Mongo's Enlistment with LtCol Paul Carroll
March 7, 1982
Mongo's Enlistment with LtCol Paul Carroll
March 7, 1982
#543 at the Davis-Montham AFB Boneyard at Tucson, AZ One of our F-4s
Gary Taylor Gary Taylor Gary Taylor Gary taylor

What can you say to this but - WOW!!!
This is why we loved the Viper!
Thanks to Jadly for this great find. Scotty Keller, Ray Linott, Gary Taylor and Mark Crump
Gary Taylor Mongo Beer The Boys

Gary Taylor A bunch of the boys.
Gary Taylor Gary Taylor