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F-15 Eagle

Just click on the picture to see a larger version

That is a beautiful airplane - fantastic lines - unique engine noise - shot down untold enemy aircraft - helped win the war...
Oh, Sorry. I was talking about the Spitfire :)
Here's a shot of the first FANG F-15. It's a pretty mean, lean fighting machine. I wonder what the trade-off is regards radar capability vs airframe age and avionics, though. All kidding aside, I do wish the next generation of pilots of the Fresno Air Guard all the best: safe, fun and effective training - and may you never have to use your skills in angry conflict. B.O.B. sent in this photo. Don't know who the author is... Great to see the Griffin patch on the nose though!
F-15 F-15 F-15

What a beautiful shot of a 4-ship of Fresno Eagles going by the Golden Gate Bridge! Photo Credit: John M. Dibbs
Col Reed C. Drake
New Commander of the 144th FW