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Christmas Party 2014

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The annual Christmas Party is always a great time to re-connect with old friends as well as to do some serious reminiscing.
Bob Yoshizumi, his wife and Darrel Cline. Darrel is our last P-51 pilot.
Bob "Bo" Boehringer, John Dawson, Bill "Buffy" Carveth, Pat "Stinky" Belanger. Pam and Mark "Mork" Taylor.
Christmas Party 2014 Christmas Party 2014 Christmas Party 2014

Vic "Siko" Sikora and Tom "Pee Wee" Westbrook.
Before pilot training Tom used to work graves at Channel 47 when it was on the corner of Cedar and Shaw where Marie Calendar's and Black Angus now sit.
Bob "Grinder" Hervatine, Randy "Bushhog" Bushore and Pat Belanger. Pat Belanger, Doug "Cuda" Munday and John "JAD" Dennis.
Christmas Party 2014 Christmas Party 2014 Christmas Party 2014

Darrel Cline, Bill Carveth and JT Taggett. JT is the founder of the Fresno Rappin' Raisins. The Raisins were responsible for some serious belly-laughing back in the 80's and 90s. I still laugh just thinking about some of the great skits and songs we came up with back then. I hope the new Eagle drivers can give us old guys a run for our money in the entertainment dept. "JAD" Dennis, Sean Navin (194th Commander) and Tom Westbrook.
Christmas Party 2014 Christmas Party 2014