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Jim "B.O.B." McNab's Fini-flight

Captions sent in by Jim

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Chuck Jonas guiding me into the chocks one last time
Jim Jim Jim

Jim Jim Jim

Air Guard friends and family... Ginger Dannell, Lynn Hetzel, and Al Tichenor My very good friend and mentor, Al "Howdy" Heers congratulating me on my last flight in the F-16A "Viper"
Jim Jim Jim

My very good friend and mentor, Al "Howdy" Heers congratulating me on my last flight in the F-16A "Viper" Hey, You!!!
Thanks to all the great guys I flew with in the 194th from 1975 through 1993.
Thanks so much to all you wonderful people who worked in Maintenance, Weapons, Fuels, Egress, Admin, Security, Ops, and all the other areas on base that helped make the 22 best years of my life possible.
To Danny Clack, Mike Mendes, Tom Fishburne, Wes Deane, and John Jordan.
Rest in Peace, my brothers.

Jim Jim Jim

Visor up
Well, it's all over.
It was a pretty good run...
Flying three classic fighters out of my home town was a pretty good gig!
Jim Jim Jim
Jim Jim Jim

After the dousing by the fire trucks General Jim Kilpatrick, the best commander a fighter pilot could ask for. A true leader and friend.
I was honored to have the opportunity to fly for, and with him.
In the back ground (L to R): Al Heers, Unknown, Steve Talley, Roy Stuckey, and Ron Yelton
My very good friend and my mentor, Al Heers.
You won't find a finer set of hands or a more aggressive fighter jock around.
Thank you, Al, for all you did for me.
Also in the photo, Mark Crump (on bike) and Al Tichenor
Jim Jim Jim

My bride, Connie, there to congratulate me. Connie. My lifelong wingman. Jim's Farewell Letters to the 144th FIW / 194th FIS
Jim Jim Jim's Farewell Letters

Jim's last flight with US Air. September 1, 2014. Touchdown! Smoooooth! Final wash with the water cannon.
Jim Jim Jim

Jim Jim Jim